June 2014
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Be a Healthy Buddy!

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'Be a Healthy Buddy!' is a this fun, educational Field Trip where students learn how foods fuel their day to keep them healthy.


'Thank you so much for making this visit a wonderful and unforgettable memory for our students.'

- Ana Perez
Educator, San Juan, TX

Field Trip Factory on the Road + More FTF News!

This past spring, Field Trip Factory and Giant Eagle visited the winners of the Health and Wellness Giveaway!

Learn more about these events, plus info about summer field trips all season long!

Great Ways To Keep Learning Fun Over The Summer

Summer is a great time to learn, play and explore.

Take a look at some of our favorite ways to discover new and exciting lessons and even when school is out! 

3 Creative Ways to Plan for Back-to-School + Save Time!

Take advantage of the summer season - start getting ahead of the game for fall! Check out our quick list of easy tips you can use to save time next school year.

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Congratulations to Karen S. from Bartlett, IL - the winner of our "Join The Field Trip Factory Community Online" Giveaway!

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