Enter the Deep: An Aquarium-Filled Science Adventure

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A NEW field trip in Ontario...

Enter the Deep: An Aquarium-Filled Science Adventure at Your Local Big Al's Supercentre


Big Al’s in-store experts guide the students on a colourful underwater science adventure through the world of tropical fish, coral, aquatic plants, reptiles and even sharks! Learn about characteristics, habitats, ecosystems, responsible pet care and more during this exciting and interactive trip. Experience science lessons related to photosynthesis and the nitrogen cycle in a fun, educational setting that gets students excited about the world beneath them.

Key Concepts

Habitats, communities, and ecosystems

Social interaction, diet, and survival

The importance of plants, photosynthesis and the nitrogen cycle

Unique characteristics and needs of living things

Proper pet care and sustainability


Supports Provincial Standards

Experiential learning is effective and fun

Aligns with Science (Life Systems) curriculum

Encourages activity in your local community


Age Range & Duration

All non-school youth organizations are eligible
(including camps, daycares, community and sports groups)

Junior K - 8th Grade | Approximately ~ 60 minutes


Group Size Limit

5 - 30 students



FREE   (You are responsible for transportation for your group to/from the event location)


Each month, Big Al's will draw the name of a lucky school or community group who completed the Enter the Deep field trip. This organization will be awarded a Marineland
10 Gallon aquarium starter kit free of charge*


(*See retailer for details)


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→ This program is offered only at select locations due to group size and/or availability of store resources. See the program flyer in the above Resources Tab for more details.

Code of Conduct:

• Please let FTF know if you cannot make the scheduled day/time.

• Always let us know if your group size is changing.

• Please make sure that you have at least 1 adult chaperone for every 8 students in your group AND that chaperones are ready to help the field trip leader, if needed.

• Please call FTF with special requests - Do NOT add them in notes where they may go unseen by the store contact.

• Please arrange transportation to avoid last minute conflicts and cancellations.

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