ShopRite Student Shopperâ„¢: Ambassador at School (Part 1)

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ShopRite Student Shopper™ - Ambassador at School (Part 1)


A ShopRite Student Shopper™ Ambassador will visit your classroom to introduce nutrition concepts through demonstrations and engaging activities. Students will use this information to prepare for part 2 of the program, a visit to a ShopRite store.

Key Concepts

• Healthy eating provides energy and keeps our bodies functioning well

• It is important to eat a balanced diet, including foods from all of the food groups

• MyPlate guidelines and Nutrition Facts Labels helps us make healthy food choices

• “Sometimes foods” contain higher amounts of fat and sugar than healthy food options


Supports Learning Standards

All Field Trip Factory programs are grade/age appropriate and align with national/local learning standards. (See the program and highlights flyers for more details - available in the Resources Tab above)


Age Range & Duration

Grades 3 - 6 | Approximately ~ 90 minutes


Group Size Limit

7 - 35 Students
(Individual stores may vary group size accomodations - see booking form details)





" This trip offered learning opportunities across the curriculum. Beyond touching on standards associated with health & wellness, the activities engaged our students in mathematics and financial literacy while challenging them to utilize critical thinking skills in decision making. It was a well organized event and the staff of Shop Rite were a pleasure to work with. "

Craig V.
Springfield Township Elementary School
Hainesport, NJ


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→ This is PART 1 of a two part experience; Your group must book and participate in this "Part 1 - In School" before you will be allowed to book the "Part 2 - In Store" visit

→ Be sure to check out the pre/post field trip activity sheets located in the Resources Tab above

→ Participation by store location may vary; please see associated store notes on the booking form for locations

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