Hannaford - Guiding Stars Store Tours

Follow the Stars to more nutritious choices on a field trip at your local Hannaford store.


As students explore the store aisles, they become informed shoppers with the help of the Guiding Stars® nutrition navigation system. They sample healthy foods, learn where our foods come from, and read nutrition fact labels to reinforce the benefits of healthy eating.

They’ll begin to understand the roles of the people who work in the various departments and gain insight into Hannaford’s sustainability activities, inspiring kids to also care for the environment!


Through demonstrations and peeks into areas usually just for employees, kids will experience the store in a new way.

Nutrition Nutrition

Shelf Tags Shelf Tags

Geography Geography

Sustainability Sustainability

"The students loved seeing how hamburger is made & packaged and they loved running the scanner at checkout station. It was an excellent field trip! Thank you Hannaford!"

Katie N,
Boy Scout Pack #177


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"I like how the kids were given important tips to recall and were then tested on them at the end of the Field Trip so they were challenged to listen & remember. Even the adults thought the trip was worthwhile."

Victoria G, Park Avenue Nursery School


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About Hannaford

Hannaford is proud to sponsor the Guiding Stars™ program in all its stores. Guiding Stars™ is an easy to use shelf tag nutrition navigation system, to assist customers in finding foods with higher nutritional value. Hannaford is a division of Delhaize America. 

They also donate over $4 million per year to charities and programs including Coats and Toys for Kids, March of Dimes, Breast Cancer Awareness, United Way, FoodPlay and WinterKids

"This field trip was amazing! The students were interested and engaged the entire time. It was a great experience for them."


"The students enjoyed seeing how the food gets from the trucks to the shelves. This was a perfect connection to our Community Helpers unit. The Guiding Stars information was useful and connected to our Nutrition lessons.Thank you for the exceptional experience!"

Maryanne K,RSU 25

"My class really enjoyed the experience and loved seeing the behind the scenes things at the store. Overall, it was a perfect field trip for what we were learning in class!"

Kelly S, Whitinsville Christian School

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