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Dominion - Nutrition in Our Aisles

Please note: Availability calendars for this program will only show through December 31, 2018. After 12/31/2018, Field Trip Factory will no longer be scheduling this program.


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A Unique Nutrition Field Trip in the Aisles of Your Local Dominion®


An expert registered dietitian leads students through the aisles of your community Loblaw banner store where they learn the importance of a balanced meal, how different nutrients benefit their bodies and discover that not all cereals are the same. This interactive learning experience engages students and teaches them to make informed healthy food choices using the Guiding Stars® nutrition labeling system, Canada's Food Guide and grade-appropriate, hands-on activities.

Key Concepts

Creating healthy lifestyle behaviours

Learning how to make informed eating decisions

Understanding the Guiding Stars shelf labeling system

Recognizing the nutritional value of foods based on Canada’s Food Guide

Learning how to identify and prepare healthy meals and snacks (older grades)


Supports Provincial Standards

Play-based Learning: Learning in Real-Life Contexts

Developing Numeracy

Developing Social Skills

Understanding Health and Nutrition Concepts and Developing Health Literacy

Making Connections for Healthier Living and Daily Physical Activity


Age Range & Duration

Junior K - 12 | Approximately ~ 60 minutes


Group Size Limit

5 - 30 students (Please note: some exceptions apply to small format stores)



FREE   (You are responsible for transportation for your group to/from the event location)


"Our dietitian was a fantastic leader with a great way of engaging and questioning the students. She brought the label-reading section of our Health curriculum down to a very simplified level that the students could easily understand, using the Guiding Stars program. It was so kind of you all to organize this for our school, and especially generous of you to give us the backpacks and treats."

Annette W. - Grand Falls, Newfoundland


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→ This program is offered only at select locations due to group size and/or availability of dietitians.

Code of Conduct:

• Please let FTF know if you cannot make the scheduled day/time.

• Always let us know if your group size is changing.

• Please make sure that you have at least 1 adult chaperone for every 8 students in your group AND that chaperones are ready to help the field trip leader, if needed.

• Please call FTF with special requests - Do NOT add them in notes where they may go unseen by the store contact.

• Please arrange transportation to avoid last minute conflicts and cancellations.

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