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There is no better place to learn how to make smart food choices than in the aisles of your local  Stop and Shop® Store. 

Students learn to be a healthy kid through everyday healthy habits, the benefits of nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet using MyPlate.

Kid Healthy Ideas™ promotes the importance of personal care, physical activity and the environment. Field Trips create lasting memories and touch lives long after the trip is over. 

Content Highlights

  • Nutrition: Use MyPlate to build a well-balanced diet, keeping vitamins and minerals in mind
  • Shelf Tags: Use Healthy Ideas labels to find healthy food choices
  • Science: Recognize the role of hunger and thirst cues
  • Environment: Understand how personal choices affect the world we live in
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About Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop is proud to sponsor Kid Healthy Ideas™ in all its stores. Stop & Shop is a divison of Ahold Companies. 

The company helps support local communities fight hunger, combat childhood cancer, and promotes general health and wellness with emphasis on children's educational and support programs. Stop & Shop is a member of the U.S Green Building Council and EPA's Smart Way program and has been awarded LEED (EB) certifications for 50 of its stores. Stop & Shop has been recognized by the EPA for the superior energy management.


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