Giant Food - Kid Healthy Ideas

Learn how to make smart food choices in the aisles of your local Giant Food store.


On this nutrition-based field trip, students learn to be a healthy kid through everyday healthy habits. Each stop of the trip reinforces a healthy idea, like drinking plenty of water or choosing lean proteins. Students also understand the importance of a balanced diet using MyPlate principles. The hands-on activities and maybe a tasty sample or two are sure to provide your students with fun, lasting memories.


Kid Healthy Ideas™ promotes the importance of personal care, physical activity and the protection of the environment.

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"This was a wonderful trip! This was basically a "life skills" lesson trip for my autistic support class. The hands on, real life experience was just what they needed!"

Billie H, Lower Pottsgraove Elementary Schooll


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Kid Healthy Ideas

Kid Healthy Ideas

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"We used this trip as a finale to what the class has already learned about nutrition. It was a perfect reiteration to what we shared and totally age appropriate, interactive and fun!"

Donna M, Hillview Nursery School



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About Giant Food

Giant Food is proud to sponsor Kid Healthy Ideas™ in all its stores. Giant Food is a division of Ahold.

"The trip ended our unit on nutrition and it was so good for the children to have this experience. The Best! Thank you to our friends at Giant and Field Trip Factory!"

Linda H, Small Wonders at St. Paul

"The whole trip was awesome! The children remembered everything they saw, ate, and touched as they wrote their thank you notes. We will definitely utilize this outlet again!"

Janet Davis Little Angels Day Care

"I think the entire trip was wonderful. The girls really liked learning about the nutritional values in food and then sampling the snacks. I could not possibly think of any way to improve the trip. Thank you."

Girl Scout Troop 824

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