Fry's Food Stores - Be a Smart Shopper

Visiting your local Fry's Food Store® is an educational adventure.


Health and value are two key concepts discussed during this interactive community-based experience. Lessons on nutrition, consumer education and overall wellness are reinforced through hands-on healthy-eating activities for kids.

The Be A Smart Shopper! field trip also teaches valuable lessons about the rewards of staying active and briefly discusses how to care for our planet, all within your neighborhood Fry's Food Store®.


Content includes the importance of personal care, making healthy choices using MyPlate principles, understanding portion size and the nutrients our bodies need.

Nutrition Nutrition

Fitness Fitness

Science< Science


"The hands on experience was definitely the best part. The students loved experiencing the freezer, checkout machine, and all other items!"

Angela B,
Queen Creek Toddler Group


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"The entire experience was fantastic! The students were engaged the whole time and it reinforced what was taught in the classroom. Thank you very much!"

Brandie L, Palmcroft Elementary School



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About Fry's

Fry's Food Stores® is proud to sponsor Be A Smart Shopper! in all its stores in Arizona. Fry's Food Stores® are a division of Kroger®. 

Fry’s was recently awarded the Arizona Fundraising Professionals “2012 Outstanding Corporation Award” for the company’s generosity to the Arizona community. 

"I thought the Field Trip was excellent! It touched so many important aspects of the store as well as the importance of eating healthy, excercising and keeping our teeth clean."

Brandie L, Palmcroft Elementary Sschool

"The kids got to go behind the scenes and see all of the different jobs in the grocery story. They were excited to see other parts of the store where they had never been or had never heard about. Overall, we enjoyed the experience. Thank you!"

Kayla M, Clarkdale Jerome School

"The children loved the fieldtrip! When they came back they were so excited they were telling the teachers, other children and their parents about what they did! Thank you."

Pamela F, Children's Campus

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